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Troubadours and Space Princesses (Ltue Benefit Anthologies)

by Multiple Authoer

Troubadours and Space Princesses (Ltue Benefit Anthologies)

The sixth volume in the LTUE Benefit Anthologies series.

Princesses and troubadours have long been a staple of adventure fiction. The tradition continues here, with princesses going on epic journeys, a tune worthy of a royal rodent, the power of a forgotten song, the secret music of DNA, a wandering wizard takes the stage with his favorite rock band, a musician who sacrifices everything for the ultimate gig on Mars, and more.

Join sixteen authors celebrating the work and influential life of David Farland through these stories-thirteen never before published! Just as these princesses and bards strongly influenced their worlds, Dave's influence stretches far and wide. And he loved the Life, the Universe, & Everything symposium.

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