Complete Collection


April 16, 2019

Not all wars are fought with bullets on the battlefield. Some are fought online, where it is unknown if the players are real or imaginary. Political and religious battles leave invisible scars on the heart and mind. The marriage of Faith and Randy is threatened by one such psychological battle. Faith is a shy blogger, who takes on social media to calm the population in her politically divided world. While on her quest she stumbles on messages from people from the future, which warn about a catastrophic event that she must prevent. However, she is caught between saving Randy, the love of her life, or saving the world. As Randy sees Faith getting pulled deeper into her quest, he worries that her mind drifts farther away from him. He desperately tries to save her. The problem is without Faith's help there is no hope to bring her back. Be warned. In the fog of a Psych War it's tough to tell what's real or imaginary. Just when you think you know the answer the game changes.