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Christmas Wish (Poem)

Christmas tree branch with angel looking over glowing clear bulb
Christmas Wish

You asked me to write a list Of trinkets and things that are my wish But I don’t need items to please me As a matter of fact, I have what I need So here I sit staring at a wall Until my kitten Gracie comes to call She knocks over my plate of jelly toast Onto the obituary of a famous host Then I am reminded of a Christmas past When a medic explained you had a mass Through your pain you tried to be the mortar To hold together me, our son and our daughter I didn’t want to live without you You’ve been my friend since childhood With weddings and graduations still to come Our children needed their father home That day I made a Christmas wish That you would live to 100ish And through several tests and surgery You made it through to stay with me So now that I have my Christmas wish There isn’t much left on my list Except that someone else’s son or daughter Get to spend Christmas with their father

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