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Endless Loop (Poem)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Picture of none formatted computer code
Confusing World of Computer World

A black night christened with an orange moon

Beckons my family to sleep with its silent tune.

But I don’t feel the pull of slumber.

My mind can’t stop processing the clutter.

It’s like a computer stuck in an infinite loop.

Continuously crunching the data from Internet and books.

Each word, font, or letter is a clue,

For a solution to the problem it pursues.

How can I bring all people together?

When dissimilarity makes then bicker.

There is no answer to discover.

So, my mind is left continuously searching clutter.

Round and round it goes

Blocking out the real-world woes

Like my child’s request that he would like,

His mama to teach him to ride a bike.

I’m happy to say the loop was finally broken,

By outside help who showed me I’m not alone.

Now in the sunshine I cry with joy,

As I play baseball with my boy.

My mind now focuses on problems that end,

Like how to make a single friend.

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